Accessories Help Make Your House a Home

Take a look around your neighborhood. You may have several houses with the same floor plan. You could also see condos and townhomes that look exactly alike on the outside, but they are each uniquely different on the outside. The inside of the home should give visitors a clue as to the personalities of those who live there. What you do on the inside of the house is what makes it a home. Without your unique touch, a house is generally a bunch of boxes attached to create a house. Just a visit to the interior accessory store is what it takes to change that house and makes it a home.

Liven Up Those Walls

Walls can be dull. Depending on their color, they can be downright blah. How do you liven them up? Imported art prints hung on the walls work wonders to give those walls personality.

  • Choose prints that make you smile.

  • Consider size and scale as it relates to your furnishings.

  • Wall prints should be hung at least six inches above your furniture.

  • Your art should show off your personality.

The Rug beneath Your Feet

Area rugs add interest to space. Use one to define the area of your living room. They also add warmth and give the room a more inviting look. Choose an area rug in a fun color or with a pattern that you enjoy. The right rug can be like a piece of art for the floor.

Accessories to Bring More of You into the Room

Choosing accessories is fun. Show off your sense of style and your personality by choosing the right accessories. Each one that you select should have an impact. Many tiny accessories have far less impact than a more substantial piece. When you do groupings, odd numbers of décor pieces are more appealing than an even number. Please do not fill every single bare space with an accessory. The eye needs some empty spaces to take a break.

Decorating your home is a fun experience. It is one that lets you bring more of yourself into the home. It is what makes a dull house turn into a fashionable home. Take a look around your house. Are there spaces that could benefit from a beautiful print, an area rug, or some accessory? Give it a try to see how the right piece livens up the room.

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